Hungler Sára: The Dual Nature of Employee Involvement

The right to have a say in decision affecting one's life is supposed to be a core value in a democratic society. However, an important area where democratic decision-making is often overlooked is precisely where most people spend a significant part of their part of their lives: the workplace.

The concept of participation at the workplace encompasses  different mechanism used to involve the workforce in decisions at all levels of an organization. The issue of employee involvement has been a recurring theme in economic theories, industrial relations, and human rights instruments. This book offers an analysis of employee involvement from a dual perspective: as an economic tool that enhances competitiveness on the one hand, and as a fundamental right that fosters human dignity at the workplace on the other.

The author aims to explain how employee participation is connected to democracy and fundamental values such as solidarity, providing examples that economic democracy can ease the negative effects of economic turmoil. While businesses are required to respect their employees' right to get involved in decision-making processes and employees need to learn how to leverage their participatory rights, it is the state's responsibilty to create enforceable and legal norms and promote economic democracy.

Participatory rights are called for not only as an instrument to enhance economic performance but also as a fundamental right. The recognition of the humanity of workers through involvement is to be perceived as a shared responsibility of global economic actors. Therefore the book places special emphasis on how to enhance protection outside of EU by enforceable commitments and soft law measures. 

This treatise is recommended not only to legal scholars an in-dept analysis of participatory rights, but also to business owners who wish to enhance productivity and offer a better work environment for their employees.

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