Gruszczynski Lukasz

Gruszczynski Lukasz
CV letöltése Tudományos munkatárs (TK JTI)
  • Osztály: Európai Uniós Jogi és Nemzetközi Jogi Osztály
  • Tudományos cím vagy fokozat: PhD
  • E-mail:
  • Telefonszám: +36/1/224-6700 / 5114
  • Épület: MTA HTK (Emelet, szobaszám: T.0.33.)
Kutatási területek

International economic law, particularly WTO law, international dispute settlement, international and European regulation of tobacco products, risk regulation, regulation of artificial intelligence

Kiemelt publikációk

1. Międzynarodowe praw gospodarcze [International economic law] (co-authored with M. Menkes, L. Nowak), C.H. Beck, Warszawa: 2016 (in Polish)

2. Deference in International Courts and Tribunals: Standard of Review and Margin of Appreciation (co-edited with W. Werner), Oxford University Press, Oxford: 2014

3. Regulating Health and Environmental Risks under WTO Law. A Critical Analysis of the SPS Agreement, Oxford University Press, Oxford: 2010

4. Tobacco and International Trade: Recent Activities of the FCTC Conference of the Parties, 49(4) Journal of World Trade 665 (2015)

5. The New Tobacco Products Directive and WTO Law: Much Ado about Nothing?, 10(1) Asian Journal of WTO & International Health and Policy 115 (2015)

6. The Role of Experts in Environmental and Health Related Trade Disputes in the WTO: Deconstructing Decision-making Processes, [in:] M. Ambrus, K. Arts, H. Raulus, E. Hey (eds.), Irrelevant, Advisors or Decision-Makers? The Role of ‘Experts’ in International Decision-Making, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: 2014

7. The World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control as an International Standard under the Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade, [in:] A. Mitchell & T. Voon (eds.), The Global Tobacco Epidemic and the Law, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham: 2014

8. Standards of Review in International Investment Law and Arbitration: Multilevel Governance and the Commonweal (co-authored with V. Vadi), 16(3) Journal of International Economic Law 613 (2013)

9. The REACH Regulation and the TBT Agreement: The Role of the TBT Committee in Regulatory Processes, [in:] M. Trebilcock, T. Epps (eds.), Handbook on the TBT Agreement, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham: 2013

10. Customary Rules of Interpretation in the Jurisprudence of the WTO Dispute Settlement Bodies – Explicit Recognition, Practical Failures, [in:] O. Fauchald, A. Nollkaemper (eds.), The Practice of International and National Courts and (De-)Fragmentation of International Law, Hart Publishing, Oxford, Portland: 2012


Individual research projects:

  •  ‘Tobacco control measures in international law: finding a balance between competing interests’ (Polish National Science Centre, 2013-2014)
  •  ‘International law between constitutionalisation and fragmentation: the role of law in the post-national constellation’ (Polish National Science Centre, 2011-2013)
  •  ‘Science, Expertise and WTO Law – Mapping Complex Relations’ (Foundation for Polish Science, Homing Program, 2009-2012)