Műhelyvita - Fernando Milo Llinares: "The progress of the "Strafrechtsdogmatik"

   2023. május 9. 14:00 - 2023. május 9. 16:00

Fernando Milo Llinares: The progress of the "Strafrechtsdogmatik". Ten (never-before-asked) questions about change in so-called Criminal Law science

The paper focuses on the change in „criminal Law science” and tries to answer two questions that have been generally ignored by scholars, such as: How and why does criminal science change? And, can it be said that the science of criminal law progresses? To do so, eight other prior questions will be discussed, such as: are there theories of change in criminal law science? What kind of science is the Strafrechtswissenshaft  and when was it born? What has been the description that criminal law historians have made about the evolution of theories? And are there scientific revolutions in criminal law? All this to raise how we should measure the idea of progress of the science of criminal law.

Venue: Institute for Legal Studies

Time: 9 May 2023, 14:00 - 16:00