Lecture: Triple Injustice Warming: Declining Social Inclusion of Refugee and IDP Women Workers

   2022. október 25. 10:00 - 2022. október 25. 12:00

Centre for Social Sciences Institute for Legal Studies and Research Centre for Social Ecology and Climate Change cordially invites you to the international lecture:

Triple Injustice Warming: Declining Social Inclusion of Refugee and IDP Women Workers

People living in poverty, mostly the agricultural seasonal workers, have been and will be affected by current global crises such as global warming, financial, and political crisis more than others. Considering the unequally distributed causes and impacts of climate change on people living in poverty, especially refugee and internally displaced women (IDP), working as seasonal agricultural workers are constantly and increasingly being exposed to a triple injustice stemming from those crises. In the intersection of gender, class, and ethnicity, it is essential to question the resilience and social inclusion of those women. Since they are providing cheap labour, those women are often demanded to reduce production costs. Involving in the labour force in a country as a refugee or IDP women worker is easier than melting into the culture of the country because providing cheap labour reduces costs but being involved in a society is another story. Therefore, it seems that those wanted but not welcomed women, as if they are not suffering enough, are being gradually excluded from the labour force because of climate change. In this paper, this issue is examined by particularly focusing on the correlations between the triple injustice and the social inclusion of women. In this research, we are examining one of the most disadvantageous groups just in the middle of intersectionality of all these crises. Methodologies that are used in this paper are both the phenomenological and the grounded theory approaches. Data is collected in the rural areas of Turkey where agricultural production is in the core of the local economy. As a data collection method, we did interviews with those workers and used observations and field notes. In addition, it is supported by quantitative data. As a result, it can be said that refugee and IDP women are being growingly extracted from agricultural seasonal work due to climate change.

Speakers: Muhammed Kürşad Şahin, Elif Kaya (Kilis 7 Aralik University, Turkey)

Venue: Institute for Legal Studies (Budapest, Tóth Kálmán u. 4.)

Date: 25 October, 2022; 10:00-12:00

Working language: English

The seminar will be broadcasted via Zoom application. Participation is subject to prior registration. The Zoom link to he event will be sent to registered participants via email. Registration: hungler.sara@tk.hu

This workshop is supported by the COST Action project “CA20137 / Making Young Researchers' Voices Heard for Gender Equality (VOICES)”