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A Jogtudományi Intézet műhelytanulmányai

Kateřina Cidlinská – Marcela Linková: Comparing National Academies of Sciences in Central and Eastern Europe: The Czech Academy of Sciences Research careers in their academic setting – national topographies

The paper is a country report prepared for the 'Comparing National Academies of Sciences in Central and Eastern Europe’ held at the Centre for Social Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest on 7–8 April 2015. It seeks to provide comparable information on the Czech Academy of Sciences. It covers the history, the status, the structure, the autonomy, the funding, the powers of this institution, as well as its practical functioning as a representative of the academic community. A separate section presents basic information about the status of the individual researchers. (Note that in the Czech system there is no academic membership as in most other post-socialist countries.) The paper concludes by highlighting some of the achievements and challenges of the present structure.