Department of Criminal Law


The Department of Criminal Law, formerly a part of its immediate antecedent, the Department for the Study of the Private, Criminal and Administrative Law Guarantees of Market Economy became a separate unit in January 2020.


The activities of the Department of Criminal Law extend to all areas of criminal law very broadly understood. The Department’s researchers devote special attention to economic crime, the criminal legal aspects of corruption, and cybercrime. The Department carries out extensive empirical research as well, which investigates the temporal changes as well as territorial differences in domestic sentencing practices, as well as the impact of criminal legislative novelties on the population’s legal consciousness.

Researchers of the department employ, besides the traditional methods of legal research, further methods of different social sciences, including those of sociology.

Major projects and research grants

The department is represented, through its researchers, in the following Institute for Legal Studies Projects:

  • The responsiveness of the Hungarian legal system 2010-2018
  • The Legal Consciousness of the Hungarian Population
  • The Influence of Punitive criminal policy on punishments and costs
  • Novelties of Criminal Law in Legal Consciousness
  • Epidemiology and Legal Science
  • IJOTEN Online Legal Encyclopedia

Head of Department

Miklós Hollán