The present structure of the Institute for Legal Studies was established in January 2020 and is a reflection of our attempts to represent, in both our research efforts and in the science management that we conduct, all major fields of Legal Studies.

Departments within the Institute for Legal Studies are administrative organizational units, established along broadly understood research fields. In order to move from one department to another, researchers need the approval of the Director. Every researcher is a member of one and only one department. Naturally, the researchers of the different departments collaborate on research projects in the spirit of interdisciplinarity.

The names of departments reflect the research priorities of the Institute and guide the broadening of personnel. The responsibility for the tasks related to the functioning of each department rests with the Head of Department.


Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law

Head of Department: András László Pap


Department of Criminal Law

Head of Department: Miklós Hollán


Department of European Union Law and International Law

Head of Department: Márton Varju


Department of Legal Theory, the Sociology of Law and the History of Law

Head of Department: György Gajduschek 


Department of Private Law

Head of Department: Balázs Horváthy