András László Pap

András László Pap
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Head of Research Department

Research Professor (TK JTI)
  • Department: Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law
  • Academic Title: Doctor of HAS, DSc.
  • Administrative Duties: Head of Research Group on Minority Rights, editor of 'Állam- és Jogtudomány'
  • Email:
  • Phone: +36/1/375-9337 / 5115
  • Building: MTA HTK (Floor, room: T.0.31.)
  • List of Publications (MTMT)
Research Interests
  • Constitutional law 
  • minority rights and law enforcement issues 
  • surveillance, privacy and challenges brought by the new digital technology
Selected Publications
  • András L. Pap, Democratic Decline in Hungary, Routledge, 2018, 176. o. ISBN: 9781351684675
  • András L. Pap, Roma Lives Matter under the COVID-19 Pandemic: But More So for Populist Nationalism, in Colette Mazzucelli, James Felton Keith, C. Ann Hollifield, Andrea Adams, Anna Grichting (eds.), Personal Data Collection Risks in a Post-Vaccine World, Anthem Ethics of Personal Data Collection Series, Anthem Press, London-New York, 2023, pp. 73–100.
  • András L. Pap, Academic Freedom: A Test and a Tool for Illiberalism, Neoliberalism and Liberal Democracy, 26 The Brown Journal of World Affairs (2021) 2, pp. 105–126.
  • András L. Pap, Neglect, Marginalization, and Abuse: Hate Crime Legislation and Practice in the Labyrinth of Identity Politics, Minority Protection, and Penal Populism. 49 Nationalities Papers (2020) 32, 221-239
  •  András L. Pap, Ethnic Data Protection and Collection: The Case of Hungary, 19 Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe (2020) 2, pp. 14–46.
  • András L. Pap, Policies for Whom? Roma as Ethnic and/or National Minorities – The Case of Hungary and the European Union, in Elena-Loreni Baciu, Ingrid Fylling, Janne Paulsen Breimo (eds.) Implementation of EU Policies on Social Inclusion of Disadvantaged Populations in Former Socialist Countries, Routledge, 2019, pp. 75–98.
  • András L. Pap, Constitutional Identity? The Hungarian Model of Illiberal Democracy, in M. Steven Fish, Graeme Gill, Milenko Petrovic (eds.), Quarter Century of Post-communism Assessed, Palgrave Macmillan, 2017, pp. 161–186.
  • András L. Pap, Ethno-racial Identity (Politics) by Law:  “Fraud” and “Choice”, 45 Nationalities Papers (2017) 5, pp. 968–987.
  • András L. Pap, Racial, Ethnic, or National Minority? Legal Discourses and Policy Frameworks on the Roma – In Hungary and Beyond, 3 Social Inclusion (2015) 5, pp. 32-47
  • András L. Pap, Is There a Legal Right to Free Choice of Ethno-Racial Identity? Legal and Political Difficulties in Defining Minority Communities and Membership Boundaries, 46 Columbia Human Rights Law Review (2015) 2, pp. 153–232.