Lifetime Achievement Award

The HUN-REN Centre for Social Sciences Institute for Legal Studies Lifetime Achievement Award


The HUN-REN Centre for Social Sciences Institute for Legal Studies has presented Lifetime Achievement Awards since 2007, thus recognising the achievements and life’s work of outstanding Hungarian legal scholars who have significantly contributed to the development of Hungarian or international legal research.

The Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award is presented every two years (every odd year). Recommendations are welcome from the deans of all Hungarian universities (or, if the position is vacant, a vice-dean of academic affairs), as well as the HAS Committee of Law and Political Sciences, offering short written explanations, and addressed to the Director of the Institute before 30 September each relevant year. An eligible person can recommend up to three people per year.

Those eligible to nominate cannot recommend themselves or their close relatives. Researchers at the HUN_REN Centre for Social Sciences, employed either in the year of nomination or any time in the preceding three years are not eligible to recommendation. People closely related to the nominees as well as their immediate colleagues at different employers or collaborators on current research projects are not eligible to sit in the awarding committee.

The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented by the Institute’s Awarding Committee to one of the appropriately nominated candidates before 30 October each relevant year. The Head of the Awarding Committee is appointed by the director of the Institute for an indefinite period of time. The board is made up of the Director, the vice-directors and the heads of the academic departments.

The decision is based on academic/professional criteria. The awarding requires the majority of the votes of the Committee. In case of equality of votes, a second voting will decide between the two (or more) most successful candidates. If this too ends in an equality of votes, the head of the Committee casts the deciding vote. On each occasion only one person can be awarded (shared awards will not be possible). In the absence of a legitimate nominee, no one should be awarded.

The presenting of the award as well as the awardee’s ceremonial lecture shall take place as part of the Hungarian Science Festival at Centre for Social Sciences Institute for Legal Studies (1097 Budapest, Tóth Kálmán str. 4.).

The awardee receives an honorary certificate from the Institute as well as an invitation to address a lecture in November, the same year, as part of the Hungarian Science Festival on his or her findings to the researchers of the Institute and to the broader public. 


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