Department of Private Law


Our Department, founded in January 2020, is the descendent of the Department of the Private Law, Criminal and Administrative Law Guarantees of Market Economy, as well as the Department of Research into International Law and the Integration of European Law into Domestic Law.


The Department of Private Law primarily focuses its research on the scientific examination of the regulation and legal practice of private law relationships. As part of its research activities, the Department extends its investigations, beyond such fundamental areas of civil law as rights in rem, rights in personam, and contract law, to certain questions of civil procedure law, mercantile law, economic law, and international private law.

In cooperation with the Department of European Union Law and International Law, the Department also carries out research into the impact of the law of the European Union and international mercantile law on private law.

The researchers of the department apply, beyond the traditional methods of legal research, methods of comparative law and the economic analysis of law as well.

Major projects and research grants  

The department is represented, through its researchers, in the following Institute for Legal Studies Projects:

  • The responsiveness of the Hungarian legal system 2010-2018
  • Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in Hungarian research and innovation regulations
  • Epidemiology and Legal Science
  • Indigenous Rights and Human Remains: Assessing the Hungarian Situation
  • IJOTEN Online Legal Encyclopedia
  • Lendület-HPOPs Regulatory Change


Head of Department

Balázs Horváthy


●      Sára Hungler

●      Viktor Olivér Lőrincz

●      Klára Szalay

●      Balázs Timár

●      Vanda Vadász

●      Ágnes Váradi