Department of Legal Theory, the Sociology of Law and the History of Law


Our Department has been active in its present form since January 2020. Its direct antecedent was the Department of the Private Law, Criminal and Administrative Law Guarantees of Market Economy as well as the Department of Constitutionality and Rule of Law Research.


The primary fields of research undertaken by the Department of Legal Theory, the Sociology of Law and the History of Law concern investigations into legal philosophy, legal theory and the history of law, which have been essential components of legal research for centuries.

The Department also devotes special attention to topics that do not strictly belong to any one major branch or area of law.

The Department’s research goes beyond the framework of classical descriptive law and legal dogmatics and is open to such current approaches of recent decades as legal sociology, law and economics or critical legal theory. Therefore, a defining characteristic of the work of our researchers is interdisciplinary.

Major projects and research grants  

The department is represented, through its researchers, in the following Institute for Legal Studies Projects:

  •             Regulatory Issues in Internet Service Provision
  •              Lack of Rights Consciousness in the Legal Cultures of Central-Europe and Balkans. Myth or Reality?
  •             The responsiveness of the Hungarian legal system 2010-2018
  •             Epidemiology and Legal Science
  •             IJOTEN Online Legal Encyclopedia
  •             Bibliography of Hungarian Law

Head of Department

György Gajduschek