Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law


The Department of Constitutional Law and Administrative Law, formerly a part of the Department for the Research of Constitutionality and the Rule of Law, which had been active since January 2013, became an independent department in January 2020.


The activities of the Department of Constitutional Law and Administrative Law primarily target the comprehensive, scientific research into constitutional law and administrative law.  As part of its research, the Department devotes special attention to the areas of constitutional theory, procedural constitutionality, argumentation in constitutional law, comparative and international constitutional law, fundamental rights and minority rights, police law, EU and global constitutionality, the development, structure and functioning of the administration, foreign influences on domestic administration science, and comparative administrative law.

The researchers of the department apply, beyond the traditional methods of legal research, methods of other social sciences, as well as further quantitative and qualitative methods. 

Major projects and research grants

The department is represented, through its researchers, in the following Institute for Legal Studies Projects:

  • The Practice of the Constitutional Court: 100 Constitutional Court decisions between 1990 and 2020 that have established legal principles
  • The responsiveness of the Hungarian legal system 2010-2018
  • Enforcing Minority Rights Using Group Litigation in Europe
  • Epidemiology and Legal Science
  • Indigenous Rights and Human Remains: Assessing the Hungarian Situation
  • IJOTEN Online Legal Encyclopedia
  • Using Collective Procedures to Enforce Minority Group Claims
  • Administration Science Research Group


The Department participates in the following cross-department projects of the Centre for Social Sciences:

  • The development of voting regulations and the functioning of party-systems in Eastern-Middle Europe    
  • DEMOS – Democratic efficacy and the varieties of populism in Europe (H2020)
  • Populism in public policy and legislation
  • Research Group on identity, race and ethnicity in constitutional law (International Association of Constitutional Law)
  • IACL Research Group on Constitutional Interpretation (International Association of Constitutional Law)

Head of Department

 András László Pap