János Fiala-Butora

János Fiala-Butora
Download CV Senior Research Fellow (TK JTI)
Research Interests

human rights law, minority rights, rights of persons with disabilities, public international law

Selected Publications
  • The democratic life of the Union: towards equal voting participation for Europeans with Disabilities, 55 Harvard International Law Journal 71 (2014) (with Janet E. Lord and Michael Ashley Stein)
  • Disabling Torture: The Obligation to Investigate Ill-treatment of Persons with Disabilities, 45 Columbia Human Rights Law Review 214 (2013).
  • Facilitating an Equal Right to Vote for Persons with Disabilities, 6 Oxford Journal of Human Rights Practice 115 (2014) (with Janet E. Lord and Michael Ashley Stein)
  • Hungarians in Slovakia and the evolution of Hungarian-Slovakian bilateral relations – improvement or stalemate?, 12 European Yearbook of Minority Issues 156 (2015)
  • The Law as a Source of Stigma or Empowerment: Legal Capacity and Persons with Intellectual Disabilities, in: Katrina Scior and Shirli Werner (eds.), Intellectual Disability & Stigma: Stepping out from the Margins, forthcoming 2016 (with Michael Ashley Stein)
  • The right to independent living and its limits, in: Malcolm Langford and Michael A. Stein (eds.), Disability Social Rights, forthcoming 2016
  • A magyar nyelv jogi helyzete Szlovákiában [The legal status of the Hungarian language in Slovakia], in: Kata Eplényi and Zoltán Kántor (eds.), Térvesztés és határtalanítás [Losing space and borders], Nemzetpolitikai Kutatóintézet, Budapest, 2012.
  • A fogyatékossággal élő személyek választójogának kérdései a Kiss Alajos kontra Magyarország döntés tükrében [Voting rights of persons with disabilities in the light of the Alajos Kiss v. Hungary judgment], 2010/3 Fundamentum 109, Budapest (2010)
  • The 2009 Amendment of the Slovakian State Language Law and its Impact on Minority Rights, XXIX Polish Yearbook of International Law 153 (2010) (with Lukasz Wardyn)
  • Human rights aspects of deaths of institutionalized people with disabilities in Europe, in: Clements, L., Read, J. (eds.), Disabled people and the right to life, Routledge, 2008, London and New York, p. 127 (with Oliver Lewis)