Mónika Papp

Mónika Papp
Download CV Research Fellow (TK JTI)
Research Interests
  • The Internal Market Law of the European Union
  • Competition Policy and Law in the European Union
  • EU State Aid Law
  • EU law and the national interest
Selected Publications
  • Marton Varju-Mónika Papp: Member State Capitalism(s) and EU Law: Protecting Local Varieties in the Single Market In: Csongor István Nagy (ed): World Trade and Local Public Interest, Springer, (2020) pp.95-115.
  • Member State Interests and EU Internal Market Law In: Varju, Márton (ed.) Between compliance and particularism: Member State interests and European Union law, CHAM: Springer, (2019) pp. 103-127.
  • Varju, Márton; Papp, Mónika: Member State Economic Patriotism and EU Law: Legitimate Regulatory Control Through Proportionality? In: Gerőcs, T; Szanyi, M (eds.) Market Liberalism and Economic Patriotism in the Capitalist World-System Cham (Svájc), Svájc : Springer International Publishing, (2019) pp. 127-151. 
  • Papp, Mónika; Varju, Márton: The Crisis, Economic Patriotism in Central Europe and EU Law In: Luisa, Antoniolli; Luigi, Bonatti; Carlo, Ruzza (eds) Highs and Lows of European Integration: Sixty Years After the Treaty of Rome, Cham (Svájc), Svájc: Springer International Publishing, (2018) pp. 143-163.
  • Application of EU Competition Law by the Hungarian Judiciary: Cooperation with the ECJ and Relying on the Case Law of the ECtHR In: Almășan Adriana, Whelan Peter (eds.): The Consistent Application of EU Competition fzLaw Substantive and Procedural Challenges. Cham (Svájc): Springer International Publishing, 2017. pp. 255-270.
  • Varju, Márton; Papp, Mónika: The crisis, national economic particularism and EU law: What can we learn from the Hungarian case? COMMON MARKET LAW REVIEW 53:(6) pp. 1647-1674. (2016)
  • Procedural Fairness in the European Commission’s Competition Procedure. Recent Case-Law on the ECJ’s Review of Inspections In: Nagy Csongor István (ed.): The Procedural Aspects of the Application of Competition Law. Groningen: Europa Law Publishing, 2016. pp. 57-80.
  • Az Európai Bíróság ítélete az árszabályozásról a Scotch Whisky Association ügyben: Lehet-e arányos egy minimálár szabályozás, Jogesetek Magyarázata 2016:(1-2) pp. 101-110. (2016)
  • Várnay, Ernő-Papp, Mónika: Az Európai Unió joga, Budapest: Wolters Kluwer, 2016., negyedik kiadás, XII. fejezet: A vállalkozásokra vonatkozó versenyjogi szabályok (pp. 703-1001.) XIII. fejezet: A tagállamokra vonatkozó versenyjogi szabályok (pp. 1003-1098.)
  • The application of EU State aid rules in Hungary: An overview of individual decisions (2004-2012) In: Márton Varju, Ernő Várnay (eds.) The law of the European Union in Hungary: Institutions, processes and the law. Budapest: HVG-ORAC, 2014. pp. 279-319.
Research Projects
  • How does the law adapt, resist and learn? The responsiveness of the Hungarian legal system 2010-2018 (researcher)
  • Lendület-HPOPS Regulatory Change (researcher)
  • FIDE (Fédération Internationale pour le Droit Européen) 2018, national rapporteur with Tihamér Tóth and Balázs Békés on Taxation, State aid and distortions of competition
  • MTA Lendület-HPOPs Project
  • Hungarian Academy of Sciences- „Lendület” project. Policy Opportunities for Hungary in the European Union- the analysis of the legal framework (from 2013)
  • The EU legal framework for the State’s active economic engagement, Pázmány Péter Catholic University, School of Law, Derartment of Environmental and Competition Law (2013-2016)
  • Rapporteur for the FIDE 2010 Congress (together with Péter Metzinger). (Topic: Public Capital and Private Capital in the internal market: Searching a level playing field for public and private enterprises)
  • Infringement proceedings against the Member States (OKTK A/0281/2004.)( In 2004, Head of the Project: Prof. Várnay Ernő, researchers: Varju Márton, Bartha Ildikó)
  • EC Competition Law (OTKA F 30440, 1999-2001)