Call for Applications for a Joint Postdoctoral Fellowship in Law (Budapest)

Call for Applications for a Joint Postdoctoral Fellowship in Law (Budapest)

  • Location: Budapest, Hungary
  • Position: Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Salary: 842,800 HUF per month before tax payment
  • Working hours: Full time
  • Contract: Fixed-term
  • Term: from September 2022 to June 2023

Aim of the call for application

Centre for Social Sciences Institute for Legal Studies (hereinafter: CSS ILS) and the Pázmány Péter Catholic University Faculty of Law and Political Sciences (hereinafter: Pázmány Law) have established a joint fellowship programme. This programme aims to enhance international competitiveness in research and education by involving a postdoctoral foreign researcher in Hungarian academic work. The programme is termed for a period of 10 months.

Eligibility criteria

The candidate is expected to be a postdoctoral researcher (PhD in law) proficient in English, with special focus on legal and administrative terminology. Knowledge of Hungarian is no requirement.

Furthermore, the applicant is expected to:

  • draft and deliver 2 x 2 (= 2 x 90 minutes) graduate level lectures per week;
  • to be present in the CSS ILS from 9 AM to 5 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays;
  • take an active part in the relevant multicultural academic events and programmes of CSS ILS and Pázmány Law, respectively;
  • assist and strengthen the international relations of CSS ILS and Pázmány Law, respectively.

Research and teaching topics

Whereas any area of law is accepted in the application, with a preference to comparative law, public international law or European law, the following topics are expressly recommended to the applicants’ consideration:

  • Digital Transformation of Work Relations
  • New Trends in Cross-Border Litigation
  • The Role and the Limits of Party Autonomy in the Unification of Private International Law in the EU
  • The Perspectives and Limits of the Universal Unification of Substantive Private Law in the 21st century
  • The Energy Policy of the European Union and its Changes pursuant to the Russian – Ukrainian Conflict

The fellowship programme

  • offers the researcher a combined position at the two host institutions for a period of 10 months;
  • provides the teaching and research facilities;
  • grants a gross mensual salary of 842,800 HUF before tax payment. This amount consists of three components: salary of a research fellow at CSS ILS, salary of an assistant professor at Pázmány Law and remuneration for the 2 x 2 graduate lectures;
  • provides the opportunity to take active part in the academic work, events and programmes of the host institutions.

Application and selection procedure

The application is to be submitted electronically via the following link: 

The application shall include among others the applicant’s:

  • a professional CV;
  • list of publications;
  • electronic version of an academic paper by the applicant at the applicant’s discretion;
  • a brief description of the ongoing research;
  • four (4) draft syllabi of graduate courses to be delivered by the applicant (two is going to be chosen);
  • a motivation letter containing (a) a brief research plan; (b) a concise description of the applicant’s vision how to co-work with the host institutions.

Applications will be assessed by the Director of CSS ILS and the Deputy Dean of Pázmány Law. Applications are going to be measured through the appropriacy of the applicant’s research plan and the applicant’s draft syllabi, as well as the impact of the applicant’s scientific achievement (list of publications, submitted academic paper). If necessary, online interviews may be arranged.

Applications declared to be successful will be approved by the General Director of CSS and the Dean of Pázmány Law, based on the preliminary ranking.

The results will be communicated via e-mail not later than 25 June 2022.

HAS CSS ILS and Pázmány Law grant the fellowship to the selected candidate in two parallel contracts.

The application must be submitted in English.

Applications shall be submitted not later than 12.00 (CET) 30 May 2022.

Please bear in mind to fill in all obligatory fields of the application form. Incomplete applications as well as applications submitted in a language other than English will not be taken into consideration. No legal remedy is admitted on either substantive grounds regarding the selection process or the results of the selection.

The selected applicant will be employed from 1 September 2022 to 30 June 2023 in combined positions at CSS ILS (“research fellow”) and at Pázmány Law (“assistant professor”).

Contact, further information

Contact persons on the fellowship programme: Fruzsina GÁRDOS-OROSZ senior research fellow at HAS CSS ILS,  János ERDŐDY, deputy dean of Pázmány Law.

For further information on the host institutions kindly visit CSS ILSPázmány Law

By submitting the application form, the candidate consents to the use of their personal data.

Use of the candidate's data comprises as follows:

  • verifying the candidate's identity;
  • gaining sufficient amount of information to asses and evaluate the candidate's application;
  • gaining sufficient amount of information to make a decision on the candidate's application;
  • dealing with and responding to the candidate's questions, comments.

The candidate's data will on no account be transferred or handed down to any third party. After the termination of the current application process the candidate's data will no longer be stored.