Tamás Hoffmann: The crime of genocide in its (nearly) infinite domestic variety

Tamás Hoffmann recently published a chapter entitled 'The crime of genocide in its (nearly) infinite domestic variety' in The Concept of Genocide in International Criminal Law - Developments after Lemkin, edited by Marco Odello and Piotr Łubiński and published by Routledge.

The 1948 Genocide Convention created the universally recognized definition of the crime of genocide that has been reaffirmed in the statutes of international criminal fora and generally acknowledged to reflect customary international law. In domestic jurisdictions, however, national definitions of the crime of genocide often clearly differ from their international counterpart. This chapter attempts to inquire the causes and potential ramifications of such “hybridization” of international criminal norms and to what extent such norms could and should contribute to the development of international criminal law.