The Criminal Sciences and IT (ed. Kitti Mezei) has just been published

As a result of the collaboration between HAS Centre for Social Sciences Institute for Legal Studies and University of Pécs Faculty of Law and Political Science the collection of studies entitled The Criminal Sciences and IT (ed. Kitti Mezei) was published in June 2019.

“Besides their obvious advantages, modern technologies carry their own risks as well, since they make formerly unknown forms of crime possible. Cybercrime, therefore, has become a leading challenge of our time. Members of organised crime and even terrorist groups take advantage of the Internet, for purposes ranging from illegal online commerce to disseminating propaganda. In criminal procedures, digital investigations and digital evidence play an increasing role, since offenders often leave digital traces behind. Investigations, however, can be held back by technologies of encryption and anonymity, which can effectively conceal personal identity. The aim of this publication is not merely to highlight potential dangers but also to promote a discussion of the possible solutions. Among the contributors are representatives of the universities, research institutions and legal practitioners. This enables a balanced survey of the foreseeable challenges facing criminal sciences.
The contributors are: István Ambrus, Zsolt Csák, László Dornfeld, Csaba Fenyvesi, Réka Gyaraki, Csongor Herke, Kitti Mezei, Zoltán András Nagy, Béla Simon, Zoltán Szathmáry.”