Book published in English on measuring the quality of judicial reasoning

In September 2018  Springer published the volume “How to Measure the Quality of Judicial Reasoning” edited by Mátyás Bencze and Gar Yein Ng. The book contains the concluding statements of a research project which was carried out with the cooperation of the HAS Centre for Social Sciences, Institute for Legal Studies and the University of Debrecen Law School.


The purpose of the research project was to evaluate the possibility of “measuring the immeasurable”. In other words, can an enterprise be meaningful that is devoted to establish quality standards for a high level intellectual activity such as justifying judicial decisions?

The first part, written by distinguished foreign and Hungarian authors, highlights the fundamental issue of the volume from the perspective of legal theory, philosophy and legal sociology. The second part explicates the problems of measuring the quality of judicial reasoning in the practice of some national and international judicial forums. The topic covered by this book is not only an inspiring contribution to the debates taking place within the community of legal scholars but it can be a useful guide for legal practitioners. Besides Mátyás Bencze, Zsolt Ződi, research fellow at HAS Centre for Social Sciences, has also contributed to the book.