Call for Applications for a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Law (Budapest)

Location: Budapest

Position: Postdoctoral Fellowship

Salary: 440,000 HUF gross (plus free accommodation)

Hours: Full time

Contract: Temporary

Begins: September 2015

Ends: June 2016


Aim of the call for applications

With the intention of enhancing their international competitiveness in research and education, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre for Social Sciences Institute for Legal Studies (hereinafter HAS CSS ILS) and the Pázmány Péter Catholic University Faculty of Law and Political Sciences (hereinafter PPCE FLPS) are launching a joint fellowship programme in order to include postdoc foreign researchers in their work.

Scope of applicants

In 2015 postdoctoral researchers are invited to apply for a fellowship programme at the HAS CSS ILS and PPCE FLPS. Knowledge of Hungarian is not required. The programme will be for a period of 10 months.

Legal status

Selected applicants will be employed from 01 September 2015 to 30 June 2016; in joint positions at the HAS CSS ILS (“research fellow”) and at the PPCE FLPS (“adjunct professor”).

Research and teaching topics

Any area of law

In the framework of the fellowship programme, the HAS CSS ILS and the PPCE FLPS

  • will provide an opportunity for renowned researchers to further develop their scholarly activity and experience in our institutions;

  • will offer foreign researchers a ‘joint position’ at the two hosting institutions;

  • will ensure that foreign researchers are fully involved in the scholarly work of the institutions and are able to participate in the most important scholarly events and programmes;

  • will provide teaching and research facilities;

  • will offer 440,000 HUF gross salary per month;

  • will provide free accommodation.

In the framework of the fellowship programme, the fellowship recipients

  • will help to strengthen the international relations of the HAS CSS ILS and the PPCE FLPS;

  • will actively take part in the most important scholarly events and programmes of the HAS CSS ILS and the PPCE FLPS;

  • will participate in the graduate and postgraduate education of the PPCE FLPS (lectures and seminars in English, no more than 4 hours per week);

  • will prepare a written evaluation of the obtained results at the end of the fellowship programme.


Application and selection procedure

  1. The application signed by the applicant should be sent electronically to the e-mail address The application shall include the applicant’s (1) detailed curriculum vitae, (2) publication list, (3) three best publications in electronic version, (4) presentation of ongoing researches and (5) a motivation letter. The motivation letter should contain (a) a research plan, (b) a list of the (at least two) postgraduate courses to be offered, and (c) a description as to how they are linked to the profile of the host institutions. The application language is English. Applications must be sent to the above e-mail address at the latest by 12.00 (Central European Time) on 30 April 2015.

  2. Applications will be reviewed by the Director of the HAS CSS ILS and the Vice-Dean of PPCE FLPS on the basis of the estimation of the value of the applicants’ actual researches, the significance of the scientific results to be expected from the cooperation and the supposed effect of the cooperation on the Hungarian academic community. If necessary, Skype interviews can take place.

  3. Winning applications will be approved by the General Director of the HAS CSS and the Dean of the PPCE FLPS based on the ranking of the committee.

  4. The results of the selection process will be communicated to the researchers via e-mail by 20 May 2015.

  5. The HAS CSS ILS and the PPCE FLPS will provide the fellowship to the selected researcher through two parallel contracts.



Incomplete applications cannot be considered. No legal remedy is possible on substantive grounds, either regarding the selection process or concerning the results of the selection.

Further information

On the fellowship programme: András Jakab, Director of the HAS CSS ILS, e-mail:; Balázs Schanda, Vice-Dean of the PPCE FLPS, email:

On the host institutions: HAS CSS ILS,; PPCE FLPS,