For Our Authors

The Blogsite of the Institute for Legal Studies - JTI blog – invites contributions.

JTI blog intends to cover the most important and interesting cases, events and developments in law and public policy in Hungary, Europe and beyond. Our mission is to create a significant and open platform for discourse and interaction between academic experts, practicing lawyers and the political public sphere. Our ambition is to become a forum of debate; hence we intend to publish responses, reactions and counter-arguments to already published posts, fostering the culture of debate and dialogue in the academic sphere.

Intended blogposts should not be longer than 1300 words. We ask our contributors to use hyperlinks instead of footnotes and endnotes if possible and please provide a lead paragraph (“lede”), which serves as an orientation for the readers, thus summarizes the outline of the argument and conclusion that follows in the main body of the paper. Please keep in mind that the lead should grab the attention of the possible future reader.

The editors reserve the right to reject or to return the manuscript to the author(s) for additional changes. For more information and if you wish to submit a blog-post for publication, please, send an email to the editor:

Mónika Ganczer