“Digital Society and Law” Joint PhD Conference

   14th December 2022 10:00 - 17:00, 14th December 2022 17:00

“Digital Society and Law” Joint PhD Conference Schedule

December 14


Join Link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/86327155846?pwd=SUxzMDROSWZXcnJnMXdETmZGdEx6QT09


10:00 – Opening Speech by Gábor Hajdu

Section I

ChairGábor Hajdu, Junior Research Fellow of the Centre for Social Sciences and Assistant Lecturer of the University of Szeged

10:05 - Layan Al Fatayri: International Arbitration and the Use of Technology

10:15 – Mourad Yousfi: Assisting mediation with technology is it feasible?

10:25 – Szimonetta Tóth: AI and the judiciary system in the United States of America

10:35 – Ibolya Stefán: Current Tendencies of Regulating Artificial Intelligence on the EU Level

10:45 – Dóra Pálfi: Plead Guilty By Clicking Here – Single Justice Procedure in England and Wales

10:55 – Giola Cami: Legal Regulation of Cybercrimes and Electronic Evidence in Albania

11:05 - Boudour Mefteh: Law, is it capable to cover the digitalization in space sector?

11:15 - Questions and Answers

Coffee Break


Section II

Chair: Gábor Hajdu, Junior Research Fellow of the Centre for Social Sciences and Assistant Lecturer of the University of Szeged

11:35 – Írisz Kovács: Catalan-Russian collusion? The use of information warfare to weaken Western democracies

11:45 – Sanaz Noori: Digital society's role in Iranian protests

11:55 – Sarra Rahoui: “A controversial false information law in Tunisia"

12:05 - Constantin Plamadeala: Digital forensics: How social media could identify the irregular migrants. Case of irregular Moldovan migrants from EU

12:15 - Aya AlDabbas: How has remote work affected migration policies?

12:25 - Mohammad Thoriq Bahri: Immigration Biometric Data Exchange Among ASEAN Member States: Opportunities And Challenges In Legislations

12:35 - Questions and Answers

Lunch Break

12:45 - 13:45

Section III

ChairZoltán Víg, Senior Lecturer of the University of Szeged

13:45 - Shady Mawad: E-Commerce under the WTO Law

13:55 – Tamács Bicskei & Gergely Rideg: Liability for the use of artificial intelligence in financial markets and regulations in Europe

14:05 - Fatma Ceren Morbel: Pricing Algorithms and Algorithmic Collusion under EU Competition Law

14:15 - Suad Mahameed: The Negotiation Phase of the Digital Contract

14:25 – Orsolya Lili Sztermen: Digital artwork as a subject-matter of art loan contract

14:35 - Rasheed Al Bitar: The Future of Contracting: Smart Contracts Aka Crypto-Contracts

14:45 - Adriana Roland de Souza Ribeiro: The legal classification of Bitcoin for taxing purposes in Brazil

14:55 - Questions and Answers

Coffee Break


Section IV

Chair: Eszter Kovács Szitkay, Junior Research Fellow of the Centre for Social Sciences

15:30 - Mónika Mercz: Protecting children in a digital society

15:40 - Hibatallah Loukil: The digital society and its impact on children’s rights and safety

15:50 – Zoltán Gábor Nagy: Legality of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) in Labour Law Compliance

16:00 - Upal Aditya Oikya: International Humanitarian Law in Cyber Space?

16:10 - Haekal Al Asyari: Cyberspace as a Common Heritage of Mankind: Governing Jurisdictional Limitations of the Internet by Virtue of International Law

16:20 - Mohammad Al animat: The Legal System for Users of Internet Banking Customers after Changes in the Law on Information and Electronic Transactions

16:30 - Questions and Answers

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