An International Discussion on Advancing the Rights of Children

   16th November 2022 15:00 - 17:00, 16th November 2022 17:00

An International Discussion on Advancing the Rights of Children

How do children's ombudspersons advance children's rights? Children's ombudspersons, also known as independent children's rights institutions, have benn established worldwide. Endorsed by the UN, they are independent of their governments and endowed with legal powers. Yet we know  little about how children's ombudspersons function. How do they work? What shapes their success? What objectives do they pursue?





Brian Gran, Professor of Sociology, Law, and Applied Social Sciences, Case Western Reserve University

Featured Panelists

Bruce Adamson, Children and Young People's Commissioner of Scotland

Karl Hanson, Professor of Law and Director of the Univerity of Geneva, Centre for Children's Rights Studies

Ursula Kilkelly, Professor of Law, University College Cork, Ireland

Emily Logan, Commissioner, Garda Síochiána Ombudsman Commission

Ágnes Lux, Research Fellow, Centre for Social Sciences, Hungary

Learn more about the book, "The Roles of Independent Children's Rights Institutions in Advancing Human Rights of Children."  

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