Research seminar: Gábor Polyák - Klára Szalay: Institutionalising the Digital Services Coordinator - Policy Options in the Hungarian context

   24th March 2022 10:00 - 12:00, 24th March 2022 12:00

"The new, coordinated governance system proposed by the draft Digital Services Act (DSA) foresees national contact points, also called the Digital Services Coordinators (DSC). How Member States incorporate the tasks of the DSCs institutionally is crucial for the effectiveness of enforcement of the DSA, and its foreseen future standard setting activities. It is possible that DSCs issue decisions crucial to freedom of expression. Therefore, this article examines the current institutional landscape for hosting the DSC in the Member States and, weighs arguments in the quest for finding the best institutional guarantor in this respect with particular reference to the Hungarian institutional setting."

Hybrid format: at the Institute for Legal Studies (Tóth Kálmán utca 4, 1097 Budapest, T. 0. 25.) and online. 

Contact and registration: Hungler Sára.