Emese Szilágyi

Emese Szilágyi
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Scientific Secretary

Junior Research Fellow (TK JTI)
  • Department: Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law
  • Administrative Duties: Editor of the blogsite of the Institute for Legal Studies (JTI blog); organizor of the weekly research seminars
  • Email: szilagyi.emese@tk.hu
  • Phone: +36/1/224-6700 / 5114
  • Building: MTA HTK (Floor, room: T.0.33.)
  • List of Publications (MTMT)
Research Interests
  • The constitutional principles of party- and campaign financing
  • The theoretical problems of political rights
  • Democratic equality and individual liberties
Selected Publications
  • Can we detect political clientelism? Közjogi Szemle 2015/2. (forthcoming in Hungarian)
  • New Rules on the Election of the General Assembly of Budapest: Misunderstood Authorization-Process. Közjogi Szemle 2014/3. 64-66 (in Hungarian)
  • András Jakab – Emese Szilágyi (as co-authors): Cardinal Acts in the Hungarian Legal System. Új Magyar Közigazgatás 2014/3. 96-102. (in Hungarian)
  • Owen M. Fiss: Liberalism Divided: Freedom Of Speech And The Many Uses Of State Power. Review in Honour of the Hungarian Publication. Állam- és Jogtudomány 2014/2. 97-104. (in Hungarian)
  • Freedom of Speech, Pluralism, Political Advertisings. The Animal Defenders International v The United Kingdom Case. Fundamentum 2013/3. 78-86. (in Hungarian)
  • Regulating Political Campaigns – An Unavoidable Compromise? In: Čičkanová, Daniela et a. (Eds.): Collection of Papers from the International Academic Conference Bratislava Legal Forum 2013. Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Law, 2013. (ISBN 978-80-7160-365-8)  779-784.
  • Features of Political Corruption. In: Pro Futuro 2012/1. (In Hungarian)
  • Does Money Talk? Corporations’ Right to Freedom of Speech in Campaigns. László Trócsányi (ed.): Dikaiosz Logosz – Publications in Honour of István Kovács, Pólay Elemér Alapítvány, Szeged 2012. (In Hungarian)
  • Free Decision-Making, Equal Participation. The Constitutional Principles of Party- and Campaign Financing. Közjogi Szemle 2011/4. (In Hungarian)
  • Decline of the Campaign-Financing Practice of the U.S. The Citizens United v. FEC Case. Jogtudományi Közlöny 2010./12. (In Hungarian)