Legal Culture in Hungary - Theory and empirical research

OTKA 105552 project (2012-2015)


The project aims to measure and interpret major dimensions of the legal culture in Hungary, including knowledge and attitude indicators. The ultimate goal is a better understanding of how people think about “law” and what is the real function of law in the present Hungarian society (law in action). Unfortunately Hungarian legal scholarship concentrates almost solely on black letter law. This may be the reason why, except for a few specific research fields (like legal culture of law students) not any comprehensive research project in the field has been carried out since the late ’80ies. Presently, we are analyzing results of a questionnaire survey that repeatedly asked questions of a 1967 survey on legal knowledge.

The project is carried out within the Research Group for Interdisciplinary Legal Studies. The research is financed by the Hungarian Research and Development Fund (OTKA 105552 project) for the 2012-2015 period.

Project participants: : György Gajduschek (MTA TK JTI, principal investigator), Balázs Fekete (MTA TK JTI), István H. Szilágyi (PPKE-JÁK), Zsolt Boda (MTA TK PTI), Péter Róbert (MTA TK PTI), and Mátyás Bencze (MTA TK JTI).